Anthony Marmon


Anthony Marmon

Born in the city of South San Francisco, California, Anthony and his family moved to nearby San Leandro when he started middle school. A natural athlete, Anthony participated in many sports during his school days including football, wrestling and even boxing - as a "Golden Glove" at King’s Gym in Oakland. It was not until after he graduated from high school that the sport of bodybuilding first appeared on Marmon's radar screen.

Of the many people in Anthony's life that served as both inspiration and role model - including his stepbrother Gordon and the master bodybuilding trainer Charles Glass - Marmon's mother was always his greatest influence. She can be thanked for playing a pivotal role in furthering her son's career as a bodybuilder. Anthony's mother, while always encouraging him to achieve his goals, was not that keen on his pursuit of fighting as a livelihood. And so, as they say, the rest is history . . . Anthony Marmon "boxer" was not to be . . . instead, bodybuilding would be the athletic venue in which he would excel.

When Anthony was only eighteen-years-old, his stepbrother Gordon introduced him to the lifestyle of the bodybuilder. Marmon knew that while the sport was clearly not the same as boxing, the discipline and training that it required of him were quite reminiscent of the sweat and determination that it had taken whenever it was time to get into the ring for a fight. This "new" sport would not only require him to train and eat correctly but also demand that he apply a laser-like focus to every aspect of the preparation and presentation of his physique when contest time came around. His brother’s knowledge of bodybuilding helped him to achieve his goals in the San Francisco Bay Area - from winning his class in the NPC Mr. San Francisco to taking the overall title in the NPC Mr. Sacramento.

Having proven himself a force to be reckoned with in Northern California, Anthony's next challenge was to compete in at a National level. His brother recommended that he take a trip south to Los Angeles and meet with Charles Glass. Glass had trained Gordon for his shows, and he advised his brother, “Charles is the right person to talk to. He can help take you to the next level.”

Marmon drove down to the famed Gold's Gym Venice and spoke to Charles. He let Glass know who he was and that Charles had previously trained his brother. The two of them hit it off immediately. In fact, Anthony has been trained by Charles Glass ever since. Marmon's relationship with Glass has taught him much about bodybuilding and, of course, he still has a lot more learning to do. One thing Charles has instilled in him is to be patient . . . or in other words, "it doesn’t happen over night". Glass is not just Anthony's trainer but also a close friend that has helped guide him towards the positive in his life - not just as it relates to the sport. Anthony's health and training have never been better and, just as importantly, he has managed to maintain a positive outlook in a sport that can be full of emotional pitfalls. He has kept his focus, maintained a great relationship with an inspiring mentor and true "trainer of champions" and, last but not least, managed over the years to continue to look and feel great.


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